Dance Styles

This section contains information about the various styles of dancing featured in the Strictly Stanwick dance themes.

Jitterbug, Swing and Lindy Hop

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There are lots of different types of Swing dancing that grew out of earlier dances like the Charleston. Jitterbug, Swing and Lindy Hop are normally quite similar in style while other dances such as Balboa, Shag, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing are very different...

Below are some links to Youtube videos with a common link of Frankie Manning - if you don't know who Frankie was here's the wikipedia link this also gives some of the history of Lindy Hop

Here's the classic scene from the movie Hellzapoppin (1941) - Frankie is the dancer towards the end who gets a kick from behind...

Here's a short documentary giving a bit of history and interviews with Frankie

Why is Frankie such a well known figure still on the dance scene? Well here's a video of him teaching and leading the "Shim Sham" dance routine in 2003 - aged 88!  Frankie kept travelling the world teaching and dancing into his 90's...


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There are lots of places to dance salsa around Stanwick - "Salsa Solamente" at the Courtyard Lodge in Stanwick and Kettering 

If you are a "Dirty Dancing" fan then salsa is the dance that it's all about...

Here are some links to YouTube showing the dancing of Johnny Vasquez (a very influential figure in the development of modern LA style salsa); partner dancing....

Dancing in a group at a salsa performance...

and at the UK salsa congress
 (one of the few examples I've seen of salsa with a bit of swing and charleston thrown in as a bit of fun)

Modern Jive - Ceroc style

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This video shows the good folk of Bedford doing an outside Ceroc lesson.  Ceroc is probably the most popular form of modern jive in the UK and there are lessons all over the country. Close to Stanwick there are classes in Higham Ferrers, Wellingborough, Kettering, St. Neots and Bedford.

Ceroc busking in Bedford

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