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Inspired by BBC's Strictly Come Dancing and the wonderful floor of the Stanwick Village Hall, the aim of Strictly Stanwick is to provide more opportunities for people in Stanwick and beyond to do some modern social partner dancing for fitness and fun. 

"Strictly Stanwick" is run by Simon and Dani Shaw

The BAD news... 
We are no longer running dances on the First Friday of each month....

The GOOD news...  
We will be supporting the Rushden Jive Saturday dances at Stanwick Village Hall

Next Rushden Jive dance - see the facebook page

MARCH 14th 2015


Strictly Stanwick will still be organising the occasional dance now and again and are also available to support other dances, social events, parties, charity and fundraising events.

Unlike Strictly Come Dancing there are no celebrities and definitely no judges...
....just people of all abilities who enjoy music and dance. 
Like Strictly we encourage lots of different styles of dancing and try and support complete beginners, people with two left feet or dancers who've never done any partner dancing before, to have a go and join in. So even if you dance like John Sargent or Ann Widdicombe you can have a good time!

We don't teach any particular style of partner dancing, just the basics of dancing with a partner in different styles such as modern jive and salsa - so that anybody can join in at dances, weddings, parties, etc. Don't be put off if you've never done any partner dancing before - come along and give it a go. It only takes a few basic moves to impress others on the dance floor....

You will find information about where to learn and practice different dance styles on this website and the other websites we link to. 

If you are an established dancer come and share your love of dancing, support the beginners, do a demonstration or advertise your own lessons and dances.

Dance Themes

  • Dance themes The people who come to our dances are those that enjoy having a go at range of "modern" partner dances such as salsa, jive, modern jive, rock and roll, etc.  Each Friday night tends to have a bit of a theme according to the type of dancing we introduce at the start of the evening. But we are always open to requests and quite happy to play music that people bring along to dance to!
    Posted 3 Sep 2013, 11:34 by Strictly Stanwick
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Recent Strictly Stanwick News

  • Latin fever February's dance had a latin theme to it and had two introductory lessons - one merengue and one salsa. It was amazing how quickly people picked up the new styles ...
    Posted 27 Feb 2012, 14:20 by Strictly Stanwick
  • New Year Dance 2012 The First Friday of 2012 was one of the most enjoyable dances to date. A great range of people ages and dance experience made for a wonderful night. First timers ...
    Posted 7 Jan 2012, 05:40 by Strictly Stanwick
  • The Christmas Dance Many thanks to all who came along to help eat the mince pies and join the Christmas party on in December.
    Posted 2 Jan 2012, 02:22 by Strictly Stanwick
  • Sound proofing and air conditioning! Stanwick Village Hall has how been upgraded with air conditioning, blinds for the windows and sound dampening boards to remove the echos from around the room. The result has to ...
    Posted 2 Nov 2011, 12:06 by Strictly Stanwick
  • Friday 2nd September We're looking forward to the social dance this Friday! It has a Swing Jive theme and should suit dancers of all styles and abilities!
    Posted 31 Aug 2011, 09:04 by Strictly Stanwick
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Dancing Styles

  • Jitterbug, Swing and Lindy Hop There are lots of different types of Swing dancing that grew out of earlier dances like the Charleston. Jitterbug, Swing and Lindy Hop are normally quite similar in style while ...
    Posted 13 Aug 2011, 16:05 by Strictly Stanwick
  • Salsa There are lots of places to dance salsa around Stanwick - "Salsa Solamente" at the Courtyard Lodge in Stanwick and Kettering http://www.salsasolamente.co.uk/ If you are a "Dirty ...
    Posted 3 Sep 2013, 11:27 by Strictly Stanwick
  • Modern Jive - Ceroc style   This video shows the good folk of Bedford doing an outside Ceroc lesson.  Ceroc is probably the most popular form of modern jive in the UK and there are lessons ...
    Posted 9 Jun 2011, 10:04 by Strictly Stanwick
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